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Something as humble as a pair of socks...

CONGRATULATIONS TO DONNA WEBSTER! Our winner of the Prayer Socks! Thank you to each one who shared or donated to enter the drawing for the socks! Little Elizabeth has only $200 to go to meet her Angel Tree goal so this was a wonderful success! Thank you so much and please, if you can, share her profile so she will have a greater chance of finding her forever family! Thank you, again, so much! 

I have to start this Giveaway post with a story. A true story but a miracle story, as well.

In my life God has given me some truly wonderful and amazing gifts. My husband and then the most amazing and wonderful daughter. He has also given me some wonderful friends. This is a story about one such friend.

Elizabeth DeHority was known for her prayer socks. She knitted dozens of pairs - maybe hundreds - over her lifetime, most of which were either given away to friends who needed to be loved, or were auctioned off to raise funds to support the cause of finding forever homes for children with Down's syndrome and other special developmental delays. Her socks raised thousands of dollars, and she selflessly, courageously pursued this cause throughout over 8 years of cancer treatments, right up till the week before she died.

Elizabeth was many things. She was a brilliant doctor, a passionate religious educator, an accomplished writer and photographer, a fiber/spinning/knitting expert, an advocate for orphans and children with Down syndrome, and an adventurer who was open to any new hobby or craft. Elizabeth welcomed trials as blessings. In every reversal, she found consolation. A child with Down syndrome, which is what led her to RR, another with Cerebral Palsy and an obscure metabolic disorder, the death of a premature son, even the terminal cancer itself. Each presented an opportunity for Elizabeth to serve as an example and to amplify her influence on others facing similar issues.

One year ago, Elizabeth also saved my daughter's life. She heard God whisper to her one night whilst she was knitting some of her prayer socks, something that our doctor would never have thought of or it even have occurred to, she heard God whisper that to her and it truly saved my daughter's life. Had she not heard that, my daughter would not be here with me today.

During what ended up being her final months, Elizabeth sent me Boye's I Taught Myself Knitting kit. It had all I would need to start to learn to knit. I never thought I would be able to knit, and honestly, would never have even tried, assuming I couldn't do it, but for my dear Elizabeth, I was determined. She also, during these months, had 'given me' the gift of one of her dearest friends.

Elizabeth wasn't just a knitter of fine wool and yarn, she also knit hearts together. I am beyond blessed to have this precious friend of Elizabeth's as a precious friend of mine now. And when she told me about her friend, she spoke of her like someone speaks of one of their heroes. I fully see why and she is right, but Elizabeth possibly didn't even realise to how many she was a hero. She is definitely mine.

This year I am the Angel Tree Warrior for a little girl that I named after Elizabeth DeHority. Shortly after Elizabeth passed away, this precious little girl with fancy socks was listed with RR. Meet Little Elizabeth. She was born in 2010 and has spinal amyotrophy and Werdnig-Hoffman disease. She was chosen to be named for Elizabeth because of her sweet face, blonde hair and fancy socks. The orphanage is begging for a family for this little girl because they have no medications to help her live longer and her muscles continue to die. She is very smart and very well developed for her age. She needs special care, rehabilitation, specific medications and good nutrition. So I am hoping to raise $1000 for her Angel Tree grant. Her donation box will read $1,108 for her to reach her Angel Tree goal.

If anyone would like to join me in prayer that a family will be found for this precious little girl, it would be wonderful!

I am so over the moon for this fundraiser because Elizabeth's mother has SO graciously donated a pair of Elizabeth's famed Prayer Socks for this. But this is why to me it is so special. Elizabeth had done all but what is referred to as Kitchenering them. As I made my socks, the heel wrap and the kitchenering were the hardest. In fact, mine were redone several times. I have chosen to view it as the people for whom MY prayers went into the socks needed those extra prayers... So, though it seems like the 'invisible seam' near the toe may not be much of the sock, it is a very important part, it is what holds the sock together, finishing them in final preparation of being able to be worn. So, Elizabeth's mother very generously and kindly kitchenered these beautiful socks that Elizabeth made. These socks are filled with 19,000 of Elizabeth's stitches and prayers and they were made ready for wear by her mother. These Mother-Daughter prayer socks are such a blessed gift to this little Elizabeth, for whom this fundraiser is hoping to not only give a boost to her adoption grant, but also in the hopes of finding her a much needed family. 

And, since if it weren't for Elizabeth, I would not have my daughter, that Mother-Daughter element is all the more special. As I knit my Prayer Socks, I prayed for Elizabeth's family and the friends of hers I know who are grieving and for some of the families who needed prayers for their adoptions during the time I was knitting these, AND for Little Elizabeth to find a family. I made these socks longer than the pattern so mine have more than 24,000 stitches and prayers... more if you count the re-do's... 

So today, you have a chance to be given both Mother-Daughter pairs of socks. 
One extravagant pair (ABOVE her mother chose the ones above as they are very Christmasey which is perfect and just in time!) prayed over and knit by the most amazing and accomplished knitter. It also will include my first ever pair of Elizabethan Prayer Socks (using the pattern designed by Elizabeth herself) filled with prayers for my Angel Tree child and Elizabeth's friends and family.

Your donation enters you into the drawing for BOTH pairs of socks. One is made with the warmest and softest wool, the other, a beautiful soft acrylic.
(please note, the ones I made are not even close to as well made or beautiful as Elizabeth's but they are being included simply because of how important Elizabeth was to me.)

Something as humble as a pair of socks can help give a child a family and a home.


Every donation gives you an entry, no matter the amount.

Sharing this post on Facebook, email or any other social media also gives you an entry.

Enter before 7 December, 2015 to be included in the giveaway.
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  • Forward your receipt to to be entered into the drawing.
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ALL Donations of $35 or more will receive the Angel Tree RR ornament with Little Elizabeth's photo on the back.
Angel Tree Ornament

Information or to enquire about Elizabeth:
Information on Werdnig-Hoffman disease:…/werdnig-hoffmann-disease/

This is the progression of my first pair of Elizabethan Prayer Socks. Pattern available for purchase.

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